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Rates from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,200 borrowed for up to 75 days. Total amount repayable is: £1506. Interest charged is 0.34% per day, amounting to £306, annual interest rate of 124% (variable). Representative APR: 49.7% (variable).

Do I need Money Now? The need for money is a common experience that many people have at one point in their life. Whether it's an unplanned expense or just to get by until your next payday, sometimes you just need some extra cash. The answer to this dilemma may be to take out a quick and easy payday loan. You can apply online for an instant decision, and the funds are usually available within 24 hours!

How Can You Apply?

If you Need Emergency Money Now UK, all you have to do to I need money now is to apply with our online form. The form is then accepted in real-time to consider your application for credit fast. We’ll then run recognition and affordability assessments in the background so that we can determine whether the loan is appropriate for your circumstances. It also allows us to start building unique, trusting connections, as we always want our clients to feel comfortable transmitting with us.

Once the loan amount has been delivered into your bank account, an automated payment system will be approved from your bank account on planned repayment dates. We do this by utilizing a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). Quite these can be monthly repayments, but we supply our customers with the flexibility to select weekly payments as well.

Don’t worry if this process sounds a little complex, as the procedure is simple. Additionally, you will have a reliable Customer Care Manager here at Payday loans in the UK to keep you advised every step of the way. We have created this process as simple as feasible as we carry care of all the hard work in the environment. We aim to deliver instant cash loans to new clients, who Need Emergency Money Now UK, within 25 minutes and just 10 minutes for existing ones.

Why Payday Loans UK?

Payday Loans, with its excellent financial services and credits based on affordability, provides loans to all people within minutes after the approval of the application. We serve people according to their affordability and check every application thoroughly rather than using an automated computer program. Here are the few reasons that the people choose us as an alternative.

1. Bad Credit

Lenders consider it wrong to lend money to those with poor credit history, so we are the best choice for you if you are from one of them rejected by other lenders. We provide loans on affordability and will never base our loans on credit score or credit history. We will do a soft credit check so that we find you capable of making the monthly repayments and will not make the repayments late. Late repayment can cause you serious money issues, so try to avoid the late repayments.

2. Authorisation

Many applicants got stuck in their situation, and after applying for the loan, they found themselves in the problem because of an unsecured lender. For searching for a loan, try to choose the FCA authorized lender so that you don't have to face difficulties in lending your personal information.

As Payday Loan UK, we are entirely FCA authorized and are entered on the financial services register. So, if you found us as a perfect direct lender to solve your money problems, we are ready to assist you based on affordability.

3. No Hidden Fees

In the short term and long term loans, applicants remain confused that they may be burdened with some extra charges on the application process or have a bad credit score or on the loan repayments time. At Payday Loans UK, keep one thing in consideration that you will not suffer any surprises of additional fees while applying for our loans. We will not charge any fee to our applicants, whether they are late repayment fees, lousy credit score fees or others.


1. I need money now, can you help?

Yes. A short term loan is the quickest way to get extra funds when I need money now. Most people who need cash immediately are in the situation because of an unexpected bill, such as a house or car repair, and need the money urgently to carry on with their daily lives. A payday loan can be an ideal solution to a short-term financial problem.

2. Can I borrow money with no credit check?

No. You can complete the application and get an instant decision with only a soft credit check being performed. This won’t harm credit rating in any way and won’t show up on future credit searches. However, if you Need Emergency Money Now UKand your application is accepted, we have to perform a full credit check to release the funds to you. This is because we are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and one of the regulations says a full credit check must be performed.

If a company says they can provide a loan without performing a credit check, they may be either misleading you or not regulated by the FCA, both of which are good enough reasons not to deal with them.

3. How much can I borrow if I need money now?

With Payday Loans UK, you can apply to borrow any amount from £50 to £5000. You can choose a repayment term from 3 to 36 months that suits you. This level of flexibility makes quick loans available to the most people possible that I need money now and allows you to tailor your loan to suit your specific circumstances.

4. I have bad credit but I need money now, can you help?

Yes. We have specialists that are very good at helping people with a poor credit history. Applying with Payday Loans UK will not harm your credit score, as we initially only perform a soft credit check. This gives us enough information to check your eligibility if you Need Emergency Money Now UK, but won’t show up on your credit file if any other lender looks at it in the future.

Summing Up

If you are in need of some quick cash, a payday loan may be the answer. Payday loans are short-term loans that can provide you with the money you need to cover unexpected expenses. We are available in the United Kingdom, and there are a variety of lenders who offer them. Before you apply for a payday loan, it is important to understand how they work and expect. Contact us today to get started.


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*Once approved, your cash could be sent within 5 minutes. The time that it takes for the cash to be received in your account will depend on your bank’s processes and procedures.
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