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Rates from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,200 borrowed for up to 75 days. Total amount repayable is: £1506. Interest charged is 0.34% per day, amounting to £306, annual interest rate of 124% (variable). Representative APR: 49.7% (variable).

Payday advance loans are the type of short-term loans in which people borrow money to cover their expenses until their next payday. Usually, this loan is repaid at the last of the month.

If you are stuck in an emergency financial situation or can't find any way to pay the emergency fee, a payday advance loan is the best choice for you. But, take care of the one thing: they usually have higher interest rates and can further cause you serious money issues if you fail to cover it. You can consider any payday loan alternative for this purpose.

At Payday Loans UK, we offer suitable payday advance loans alternative. We have an offer for new applicants to take borrow money from £50-£5000. For our regular customers, the money borrowing limit can exceed. Repayment of this amount is made in between 3 to 36 months. You can select the repayment plan according to your situation.

Overall, we have the following options

  • The money borrowing limit for the new customers is £50-£5000.
  • The money borrowing limit for returning customers is up to high.
  • You can return your borrowed money in 3 to 6 months.
  • We don't have any hidden fees.
  • Our application process is quick and easy.
  • We can consider the application with the bad credit
  • We have FCA-authorised responsible money lenders.
  • We don't demand any collateral.
  • The amount of loan we provide depends on the affordability checks and credit score.

What is the Cost of Advance Loans?

FCA determines the cost of the cash advance loans under rules and regulations. These regulations specify the number of default fees and the interest that the direct lender charges. This interest fee of the payday loan is usually estimated as 0.8 percent per day. Also, payday loan companies should be registered with the financial services register.

Payday Loans UK helps people in getting out of their financial problems and difficulties. We do our best not to disappoint our users and try to give advance loans to every application. Hower by checking affordability checks and bank account; if we know that you are unable to make the repayment or interest rates, we suggest another alternative to get the loan. Also, we work under the regulations of the FCA to provide payday loans online.

What is the Difference Between Our Loans and the Payday Advance Loan?

Before explaining the difference between the loan and the payday advance loan, let us know their similarities.

Both are the types of cash loans that can be taken to avoid emergency financial situations. These types of loans are taken to handle your monetary situation until your next payday. You should only take loans when you are in an emergency. We don't recommend taking the loan for extra charges.

Let us discuss the differences between the loan and the payday advance loan

1. Loan Amount

Cash advance loans are short-term loans and are low amount loans. While payday advance loans may be for large amounts, that may be difficult for the applicant to repay. But Payday Loans UK has an alternative. It can offer you a short advance loan in the range of £50-£5000.

2. Interest Rates

Usually, the interest rates for the payday advance loan are higher than the simple cash loan. However, at Payday Loans UK, you can manage to pay back the loan amount easily with the expandable monthly repayments.

3. Loan Term

In a payday advance loan, you have to repay all the money simultaneously along with the interest rates and the additional fee. But be relaxed with our alternative payday loan. We offer our customers to pay their borrowed money in easy instalments of the six months.

Why Should You Select Payday Advance Loan Alternative?

Different payday loan lenders are offering the solution to money problems in multiple ways. However, we believe that Payday Loans UK will be your first choice as we provide reasonable loan plans alternatives with flexible repayment times. Selection of Payday Loans UK have the following reasons

1. FCA Authorisation

FCA authorized institutions are trustworthy institutions. They are reliable and the best option to choose. Payday Loans UK is authorized with the FCA, so it has a high level and also it is a famous money loan institution.

2. No Hidden Fee

We clearly explain to our customers about the loan plan, procedure, and repayment plan. No other extra fee is involved except the loan repayment. It is clearly explained to the applicant upon the agreement. However, in some cases, late repayment can cause fines as per our terms and conditions.

3. We Provide Flexible Loans

We know that people applying for loans may be financially strong or financially poor. We take care of both. We plan our loan plans according to the people's requirements as we don't want to disappoint applicants.

Our loan options are flexible. Also, we offer loan amounts ranging from €50-€5000 for new applicants. A person depending upon his financial situation can take advantage of our loan plan.

4. We Also Offer Loan to the People With the Bad Credit

Payday Loans UK is specially designed to help people who are not enough financially strong. Despite bad credit or bad credit scores, we can offer payday advance loans.

We check your affordability, regular monthly income, necessary spending, or any other financial situation to give you a loan. We check all these details to make sure that you will make your regular repayments monthly with comfort.

Also, we offer advanced loan alternatives to help people. It can be short term loan plans for people with bad credit scores. Our loans are designed to pay money for your emergencies.

Wrapping Up

If you need a payday loan, don't hesitate to contact us. We understand the needs of our customers and will do all we can to make sure they get the funds they need as quickly as possible. You won’t find better customer service at any other company providing instant payday loans!


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